Walkin' in Memphis
(The Book of the Dead)

They took my bowels and brain
While I boarded the barge
And followed the falcon's feathered flight
As they packed me in clay jars.
Won't you look down and guide me, Wadjet,
On my journey down to Duat
Guide me to Great Osiris' throne
On Re's celestial yacht.
- There were five parts to the Egyptian soul:
  • Heart (Ib)
  • Shadow (Sheut)
  • Name (Ren)
  • Ba (Soul/Personality)
  • Ka (Life Force)
- Mummification process
- Wadjet can have several meanings.
  • Eye of Horus
- Duat is the name for the Underworld.
- Osiris is god of the underworld.
- Re is the sun god and creator.
- He is Osiris grandfather
I'm walking in Memphis
Walking with my feet ten feet off the Nile
Walking in Memphis
But did I make the life I lived worthwhile.
- Memphis, TN was named for Memphis, Egypt
- Both were located on a fertile delta
Met up with the Jackal
Who was waiting at my tomb
We dropped to the doors of the Underworld
And he lead me to my doom.
A feather weighed in balance
Against my fearful soul
Judgement would be imparted
If I was heavy hearted
And the Eater would eat it whole
- Anubis was god of mummification and embalming.
  • He had the head of a jackal.
  • He would lead the dead through the Underworld.
- Ma'at was goddes of Truth
  • She wore an ostrich feather in her headdress.
  • This feather was weighed against the heart.
- Ammit is the "Eater of Souls"
  • She has the head of a crocodile.
  • A heart weighed with sin would be heavier than the feather.
  • Ammit would eat the heart, and the person, out of existence.
  • They called that "The second death."
But if your heart is balanced,
And you can claim you lived life fair
The Green-faced god will see you
At Aaru in the air
In the air o'er Memphis
- If your heart is balanced, you can proceed through Duat.
- Osiris is pictured wearing white, with a green face.
- Aaru is like Egyptian heaven.
Now the Wide-Walker asked a question
And the Shadow-Eater too;
The big Bone-Breaker and the great Gut-Gobbler,
The Timeless from Djedu;
"Have you stolen, robbed or cheated?
Have you made to weep or lied?
Have you stirred up strife? Have you stolen life?"
And I said, "Ma'at, not have I."
- Once you have been judged, you pass through many gates.
  • At each gate is a guardian with a weird name.
  • You have to tell them that you have been innocent of a certain sin.
  • There are 42 gates each associated with the 42 Laws of Ma'at.
  • At each one, you make a negative declaration, like:
  • Not have I killed
  • Not have I cheated
  • Some thing the Hebrews got the idea for the Ten Commandments from this list
I'm walking in Memphis
Walking with my feet ten feet off the Nile
Walking in Memphis
Because I made the life I lived worthwhile.
- If you make it through the entire journey, then you go to Aaru.