When wedge-shaped writing first was born
They wrote it with a weed
And it was called cuneiform
They just used clay and reeds
means “wedge-shaped”

- made with a reed

- written on clay

- first writing system

- used to write the Enuma Elish
Egyptians needed holy writ
Some carvings of their own
And thus invented hieroglyphs
To put on Rose Etta’s Stone.
means “holy carving”

- the Rosetta stone helped to

translate it

- This symbol is Ra, the sun god
Ghost Writers in the sky

The Chinese chose their letters well
The future for to see
They carved them into broken bones
And inside fortune cookies
early forms found on oracle bones

- symbols combined to form words

- this symbol is Tao, the Way
The ancients wrote with images
With pictographic words
Then came phonetic alphabets
For each symbol, sounds were heard.
Pictographic means “picture writing”

- Each symbol represented a word or idea

- Phonetic means “having to do with sound”

- Each symbol represented a sound
Semitic scribes inscribed their lines
Without A, E, I, O or U
The Phoenicians took their phonetics
And papyrus from Byblos too.
didn’t use vowels, only consonants

- first fully phonetic letters

- paper comes from papyrus

- papyrus came from the city Byblos

- That is where the word “Bible” comes from

- This symbol is Chai, or life
The Greeks grabbed the alpha-bet
And added vowel signs
The Latin warriors sacked the Greeks
And made their Roman rhymes
Alphabet” comes from “alpha” and “beta,” the first two letters in the Greek system
The Greeks added vowel signs to the Phoenician alphabet and changed the symbols slightly
Romans did not have their own alphabet. They used the Greeks with some adjustments.
From Rome it spread the whole world o’er
And comes to us today
We use these signs in all our books
In all we write and say.
Rome ruled most of Europe, Africa and large parts of Asia
Their letters became the standard, which we still use today
Their language became the “Romance” languages (French, Spanish, Catalan, etc)
When we say
When u im or txt ur friends
Or l-o-l ur laughs
Remember, those emoticons
Are only pictographs.
Texting uses both pictographic and phonetic writing
Shortened forms of words, like "ur" or "u" are phonetic because you can pronounce them
Emoticons, like :-) are pictographic because they represent words or ideas