In the Northeast of Africa
One of the seven continents
By the big Red Sea, (oh way oh)
Live Egyptian ladies and gents
- Map of Ancient Egypt -
Location, location, location
- Egypt is located in the NE of Africa
- To the East is the Red Sea
- To the West is the Sahara Desert
On the fertile banks of the Nile
Beside the Mediterranean
At the Mephis Delta, (oh way oh)
That's where we find the Egyptians
Egypt was known as "the gift of the Nile."
It rarely rained, so they depended on the flooding of the Nile for water and fertile soil.
Egypt extended about 13 miles on either side of the Nile. Beyond that was desert.
The myth of Set and Osiris explains the relationship between desert and river.
Khemet, the Egyptian name for Egypt, means "black land."
It refers to the black, fertile soil deposited by the flooding of the Nile.
Chemistry comes from the medieval word alchemy which comes from Khemet.
Deshret, the Egyptian name for the desert, means "red land."
A delta is a triangular shaped formation at the mouth of a river (Δ)
The word Egypt comes from the Greek Aigyptos which comes from the Egyptian Hikuptah.
Hikuptah is the Egyptian word for Memphis, which means "house of the ka (soul) of Ptah."
All the crocs by the river's docks
Say ay oh way oh way oh way oh
Walk like an Egyptian
Crocodile comes from two Greek words; kroke, which means "pebble" and drilos, which means "worm".
It was called the "worm of the stones" because crocodiles bask in the sun on the river banks
Crocodiles were greatly feared by the Egyptians
Their god, Sobek, was a demon with a crocodile head.
They made a temple to him in a city the Greeks called Crocodilopolis (no kidding!)
When the real crocodile who was worshipped there died, he was mummified and buried before being replaced.
Lower Egypt with its red crown
Lived at the Nile river's mouth
Upper Egypt, though (oh way oh)
Had a white crown way in the South
The Nile river flows from South to North in Egypt
For this reason, they called the South Upper Egypt and the North Lower Egypt.
When the Egyptians first saw the Tigris river (which flows from North to South) they called it "the topsy-turvy river."
Lower Egypt had a red crown called Deshret.
Upper Egypt had a white crown called Hedjet.
Narmer was the Scorpion King
He failed to unite both the lands
Pharaoh Menes tried (oh way oh)
And was successful with his plans
It is unclear exactly who united Upper and Lower Egypt.
Narmer, called Scorpion King, is believed to have tried and failed.
Menes (who may have followed him or may be the same person) succeeded.
This occurred about 3100 BC.
Although Egypt was eventually united, the Hebrews referred to it as Mitzrayim or "the two straits"
Go to town with the double crown,
Say ay oh way oh way oh way oh
Walk like an Egyptian
When Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt, he put both crowns together.
This crown was called the double crown (Pschent) or Two Powerful Ones (sekhemti).
Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, was the god of united Egypt.
Pharoah's were believed to be the human face of Horus.
They were believed to make the sun rise, river flood and crops grow.
In this statue, you can see Horus animating Pharoah Khafre as his human face.
Pharoah means "great house" and refers to the palace (because the kings name was too holy to say).
In Egypt and in Tennessee
Memphis was ruled by a king
Khufu and Elvis (oh way oh)
One built but one would only sing.
The Mississippi River is like the Nile of the United States.
Certain areas were named with this idea in mind, such as Memphis, Tennessee.
Khufu, the greatest of the kings of the Old Kingdom, built the Great Pyramid.
The Great Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
Elvis, the King of Rock-n-Roll, built Graceland.
Both "kings" lived in Memphis.
The mighty Middle Kingdom
Had order and stability
Mentuhotep (oh way oh)
Had great responsibility.
After a period of instability, order was re-established by Pharoah Mentuhotep II.
All the kids at the pyramids
Way ay oh way oh way oh way oh
Walk like an Egyptian
Most of the pyramids were built during the Old and Middle Kingdoms.
Pyramid is a Greek word meaning "wheat cake," named because they had similar shapes.
Once the evil Hyksos were gone
Then did the New Kingdom sing
Fifteen-fifty, (oh way oh)
Then Ahmose made himself the king.

Queen Hatshepsut would wear a beard
So she could be the Pharoah
Ramses the Great (oh way oh)
Beat the Hittites back with his bow

Now we riff on the hieroglyphs,
Say ay oh way oh way oh way oh
Walk like an Egyptian