Once upon a time, in the lands far to the West where the Sun sets, there lived a young boy. Many young boys lived there, but this story is about just one of them. His name was Alfred, although his mother and father called him "little elf" because of his bright eyes and mischievous smile which always made one think he was Up To Something. His father worked at the temple of the Great Googley-Moogley, the Brazen Head who knows everything. He was one of the Boolean Wizards who knew how to ask questions in such a way that the Great Googley-Moogley would answer. Alfred's mother was unique among mothers. When other mothers would get annoyed as their children

- Avery, lives in the land where the sun sets, in the mountains?
  • Father is a Boolean wizard that services Googley-Moogley, the Brazen Head
  • Mother is ???
- Wants to find "the most important thing"
  • Asks everyone, everyone gives a different answer
  • Father takes him to work, asks Googley, who can't answer
- Goes through window to Holly Queen
  • Has doors, windows and empty frames all through her home
  • Shows him butterflies and, later, Luna moths
  • Tells the story of the Norah, the moon-lady
- Avery tries to help the moths, moth story
  • Talks to them
  • Makes signs
  • Sings songs
  • Holly Queen helps him become a moth through one of the doors
  • flies into the candle to show them what happens,
- resurrected, he flies to the moon and meets Norah
- Comes back through the door to the Holly Queen, who tells him of the Law of Gold, now has a heart of gold
- Sends him back through the window to his own home

- Moon River
- Fly Me to the Moon
- Moonshadow?
- Harvest Moon
- Heart of Gold by Neil Young

- Substory: Eleanor or Norah becomes the moon ... why?

Heart = Gold, Love (Chest)
Mind = Bronze, Knowledge (Head)
Strength = Iron, Power (Arm)

Wisdom = Silver (Eyes)