This song is either to be sung to CCR's Bad Moon Rising
I see a fertile crescent rising
Right where Iraq is today
Between the river's fertile fields

In ancient Sumer, walls were built
Made of sun baked clay
At Uruk, ruled by Gilgamesh
Whose friend, Enkidu, passed away.

Sing with me if you're able
Of civilization's cradle
A fertile crescent's on the rise.

Then came Akkad and Sargon sacked
The Sumer city-state
Knocked down the walls and made them thralls
Or dealt a deadly fate.

A ziggurat was made for Marduk
In Babel he abode
So he gave Lex Talionis
And Hammurabi's Code

The witty Hitties waged their wars
With iron swords and spears
In chariots they charged their foes
Who wept great Turkey tears

Beware the bold Assyrians
They're torturers and crooks
To Ashur take your nose and eyes
To Ninevah your books

Nebuchadnezzar the Chaldean
First conquered Babylon
Then built a wonder of the world
To hang his gardens on.

In Persia, Cyrus said, "I ran
My empire's ends with ease,
From Susa to Persepolis,
With strapping satrapies."